Resort and Zion National Park Information During this Time

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Based on the data from health officials the state of Utah has implemented phased guidelines to re-open businesses. We appreciate your efforts to protect each other and our staff.

Because social distancing is imperative to our health, all check-ins will continue to be performed via email and balances charged directly to your credit card the day of your arrival. The check-in procedures will be emailed to you the day before your scheduled arrival. Please watch for this email.

Our lodge and store will be open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm with provisions:  No more than 10 people at a time may be in the store, we recommend wearing a mask, children under 16 years will not be permitted unless with a parent at all times and social distancing is required.

The pool will re-open at 50% capacity.  This means that no more than four guests may use the spa and no more than 16 guests may use the pool.  A maximum of 20 people may be in the pool area at one time.  Please be considerate of other guests and limit your time to one hour.  If guests disregard these regulations, it is up to the individual to protect their own health.

The playground remains closed.

We highly recommend you use your own restroom; however, we have four restrooms and the laundry facilities available in the Comfort Station and three restrooms available next to the pool area. They are open 24 hours.

Propane service is available onsite from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Zion National Park is providing Day Use recreational access to select areas within the park.  State parks and BLM lands are also open for hiking, mountain biking and ATVing.  Please read this critical shuttle information for Zion NP:

Occupancy on each shuttle will be reduced by almost 1/3rd to provide for social distancing.  It is recommended to wear a mask while on the shuttle.  You will secure your place on the shuttle using a ticketing system through  This will protect visitors by preventing long lines of visitors waiting for hours to obtain a seat on the shuttle.  The first available shuttle time is 7:00 am with the last shuttle time at 5:00 pm.  The cost to schedule your shuttle time is only $1.00 per ticket.  The regular entrance fees into ZNP will apply.  Be prepared with your annual pass, senior pass, or to purchase a pass into Zion for $35.00.  These passes will cover all those in the vehicle or up to five people through the walk-in entrance.  One ticket will be issued for each person who has scheduled their shuttle time.  You may be required to present your ticket or show your phone with the ticket information at each stop inside ZNP when getting on a new shuttle.  It is recommended you arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to your scheduled ticket time.  You may not drive yourself into the scenic canyon where the majority of the hikes are located.  You may only drive from the south entrance to the east entrance on highway 9.

You will park your vehicle or RV at the Visitor’s Center parking lot, one of the parking lots just outside of ZNP, or in one of the town’s designated street parking places.  Allow time to ride the Springdale shuttle to the entrance where you will find the shuttle system by the Visitor Center.

Pedestrians, bikes and e-bikes will be permitted in the canyon.  If you are on a bike or e-bike, please note you are required to pull over to the side of the road when a shuttle bus is behind you so they may safely pass.  You will be required to walk or ride in and out of the canyon unless you have also secured a shuttle pass through the ticketing system at

Our own shuttle bus does not provide adequate social distancing so we are unable to offer it at this time.

We will post any updates as they occur. We wish you good health and safe travels.